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What Does Snapping, Crackling, and Popping Mean?

What Does Snapping, Crackling, and Popping Mean?

If you have ever received chiropractic care, you may be familiar with a popping sound and sensation that comes with the adjustment. It may be alarming to hear and feel such things when having your neck or spine manipulated. But, don’t worry. What you are experiencing is perfectly normal when performed by a professional.    

What Is the Popping You Hear?

The popping sound, called cavitation, is very common during chiropractic adjustments. Popping occurs when the joints in the spine, synovial joints, are stretched. Synovial joints contain synovial fluid and this fluid provides lubrication in movement. Gas and pressure are both created in the formation of this fluid.

Manipulation of the joint allows the fluid to freely flow throughout the joint providing relief for the patient. It is not uncommon to hear a cracking sound. That cracking sound is the release of the gas which causes a change in pressure in the joint. Patients can often feel the change in pressure immediately and find it to be very satisfying.

With each chiropractic adjustment, the doctor is looking to reduce pressure in the joints. And in so doing, reduce pain over time. The body learns how to maintain proper alignment and that leads to a more comfortable and healthy life.

What If There Is No Sound?

Everyone is familiar with the popping and cracking sounds during adjustments and some may even expect it to happen at every appointment. What if there is no popping during your adjustment? Does that mean the manipulations are not working? Absolutely not.

The truth is that chiropractic doctors are actually not listening for the popping or cracking. Instead, the doctors are focusing on how the joints feel when moved. The doctor is looking to confirm the joint is moving in the way it is supposed to move. Popping may or may not occur when doing this. So, if you do not hear anything, it does not necessarily mean the adjustment isn’t working. Trust the professional to know what is working or not.


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