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migraine vs sinus headache

Migraine vs Sinus headaches

Not all headaches are the same so it can be important to recognize the different symptoms. Although a chiropractor can treat many types of headaches, the causes can be vastly different, and in the case of migraine vs sinus headache, getting the right treatment is vital.

The appearance of migraine and sinus headaches are quite similar, but there are some significant differences.

What is Migraine?

Migraine is a type of headache that is usually felt on one side of the head or all over the head. It can cause severe pain and be accompanied by nausea and increased sensitivity and aversions to light, smells, noises, and even movement.

It can happen rarely (episodic migraine) or on an unfortunately regular basis (acute migraine), and the symptoms can last anywhere between a few hours to a few days.

Current research suggests that migraine is triggered by nerves firing incorrectly, and the situation can be made worse by eating particular foods or taking part in certain activities.

What is a Sinus Headache?

A sinus headache is caused by congestion in the sinuses, small passages that are behind your nose, eyes, forehead, and cheeks. Like a migraine, it can be felt on one side or both sides of your head, or anywhere within the area where the sinuses run.

Sinus headaches may be a symptom of sinusitis, an infection that causes your sinus and nasal passages to become inflamed. They may also be caused by allergies or other triggers.

Sinus headaches are often accompanied by nasal discharge, a feeling of pressure behind your forehead, and leaning forward may cause the pain to become worse.

Migraine vs Sinus Headache

Although considered to be similar as both can cause headaches, the causes of the conditions are very different. Painkillers can be used to treat both problems, but they will not change the cause, only allow you to manage the pain.

Chiropractic treatment can reduce the chances of having migraine or sinus headaches by treating the causes. In the case of migraine, there may be pressure on the nerves that is caused by bad posture or overly tensed muscles, both of which can be relieved. 

For sinus headaches, blocked sinuses may be caused by a misalignment of the bones in the face and neck, preventing the sinuses from draining properly. Again, this can be relieved with the proper chiropractic care. Choosing to treat the cause of your headaches rather than the symptoms will result in changes that promote your wellbeing for the long term.

Chiropractic for Headaches

At Sonnier Chiropractic, we treat all types of headaches with the appropriate care. Pain can be relieved quickly, and the time you spend suffering will be minimized. 

We’ll always put your needs and requirements first, and we’ll make sure to put you on the road to recovery. Our chiropractic treatment for all types of headaches will help you get back to normal life simply and easily.

To find out more about our chiropractic treatment services and how we can help with your headaches, call (225) 766-2952 today.

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