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Why It Is Important To Drink Water After Seeing A Chiropractor

Why It Is Important to Drink Water After Seeing a Chiropractor

You may already be aware of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor. A visit to the chiropractor can help relieve pain and stress as well as improve your overall health in the long run. After getting adjustments, it is important to remain hydrated. Here’s what you need to know about why it’s important to drink water after a chiropractic adjustment.

It Washes Away the Toxins

Your body shifts into proper alignment when getting an adjustment. Tension is removed from certain parts of your body like the spine. Meanwhile, toxins that have been gathering are now released. Drinking water will help clear them from your body. Not only are you keeping your spine healthy, but you reduce the aches and pains of lingering toxins. 

Water Is Good for the Spine

It is common knowledge that the human body is made up of about 70% water. What some may not know is that water is very good for the back. The spine contains rows of bones called the vertebrae, and between each vertebra is a disc. A regular intake of water keeps the discs nourished. Your spine squeezes out the water as you move around. After a chiropractor is done working on your back, the bones will need to have their water replenished. Dehydration will often cause constant back pain and possible mobility problems. When you rehydrate, your body prioritizes your vital organs. Make sure to drink enough water so the excess can go to your back. 

How Much Should You Drink?

The optimal amount of water a person should drink varies. The number of ounces you need to drink daily depends on your body weight. A simple equation you can use is to divide your weight in pounds by two. For example, 150 pounds requires 75 ounces. It may seem like a lot to drink in a day, but dividing it up can help. 

Staying hydrated after seeing a chiropractor is important, especially during the summer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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