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dehydration headache

Dehydration Headaches

Drinking enough water helps to keep you hydrated, but dehydration can begin a lot sooner than you expect. Dehydration headaches are one of the symptoms of dehydration, but they aren’t necessarily caused by dehydration itself.

What causes dehydration headaches?

When your body is dehydrated, several physical changes take place. Your muscles become tighter, as do your ligaments and tendons. This can lead to a feeling of stiffness in many parts of the body, often in the neck area. The neck, shoulders, and head can all experience pain when this situation arises.

It is further complicated by the condition of the discs in your spine which provide a form of padding between the bones of your neck and back. When you are dehydrated, your spinal discs become less effective as they are made plump due to their water content – they are around 80% water. When this level of hydration drops, it can cause physical pain in your spine, as well as causing you to hold your body differently.

This may be imperceptible at first, but the slight change in posture causes muscles to become overworked, leading to further pain in the back, shoulders, neck, and head. 

Finally, dehydration can cause the blood in your body to flow less easily, again leading to tighter muscles and potentially other issues.

Chiropractic Treatment for Dehydration Headaches

The first step to take to combat dehydration headaches is to ensure you are well-hydrated at all times. Drink plenty of water and carry a water bottle with you wherever you can. However, the pain caused by a dehydration headache can continue even when you are properly hydrated.

This can be because of the effect the prior dehydrated state has had on the body. Once tensed, muscles may not easily relax, and dehydration symptoms can continue for some time. Furthermore, water flushes out toxins and waste from the body – unwanted buildup of waste within muscles can cause them to be sore, once again tensing and causing headaches.

Chiropractic treatment simply aligns the joints of your back and spine so that the muscles can naturally relax. This allows the waste to be naturally moved away, and relieves the pain that is caused by dehydration headaches.

The Right Chiropractor to Treat Dehydration Headaches

At Sonnier Chiropractic, we always want you to feel as comfortable as possible, and so we treat dehydration headaches just as we treat any other issue – by putting your needs and requirements first.

Our chiropractic care is an ideal solution to the issues caused by dehydration headaches and helps you to recover from the pain quickly.

Whatever your health and wellness goals, we’ll work with you to ensure that you achieve the best possible result as soon as possible. If you have any kind of headache, we believe that our chiropractic treatment for chronic pain will enable you to resume life as normal in a short time.

If you need chiropractic treatment for dehydration headaches, call (225) 766-2952 today to find out how we can help you.

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