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Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is a painful condition that can affect anyone but is most common in the 40s and 50s, with men more often suffering from the condition. Pain can be felt anywhere from the lower back down to the foot, usually on one side of the body but occasionally on both sides at the same time. The most effective sciatica treatment Baton Rouge offers can be found at Sonnier Chiropractic.

Suffering from sciatica can bring other problems including problems with bowel or bladder function. Symptoms of this nature may require urgent treatment from a medical professional.

What causes sciatica? 

Sciatica is a pain that can be felt anywhere along the sciatic nerve which runs from the lower back to the foot. Damage to this nerve or simple compression on an area of it can cause the pain to be felt, but not necessarily in the area that is affected. 

The most common cause of sciatica is spinal disc herniation with pressure being created on the nerve root. Other potential causes include spinal stenosis, pregnancy, etc. but these account for 10% or less of all cases of sciatica. 

Other injuries or diseases may have similar symptoms and so tests can be performed to determine the cause of the issue. If it cannot be confirmed that sciatica is definitely the problem, medical imaging may be used. This will eliminate the possibility of the problem being caused by a tumor or an infection. 

Sciatica Baton Rouge Treatment 

Treating sciatica in Baton Rouge is simple once the cause has been established. Pain medication may be recommended to sufferers, and surgery may be needed in certain cases but that is uncommon. Left on its own, sciatica may eventually heal, but this can take a long time. 

Chiropractor Baton Rouge treatment for sciatica aims to treat the cause rather than hide the symptoms. Poor posture and a misaligned spine can be contributing causes of sciatica, and therefore spinal realignment can be an effective treatment. It’s a non-invasive procedure that reverts all the joints in your spine to their proper location giving optimal function and reducing any pain you may feel. 

To strengthen your body, including your spine and the muscles of your back, a series of regular stretches and exercises may be recommended. A strong back and core can help to prevent recurrences of sciatica and similar conditions. 

We’ll work with you to help you return to normal as quickly as possible, managing your pain and regaining full mobility.  

The Chiropractor to Treat Sciatica Baton Rouge 

At Sonnier Chiropractic, walways put your needs first and want you to recover swiftly. We’ll help you to regain full health as soon as possible, minimizing the effects that sciatica has on your life.  

We can work with you towards all your health and wellness goals, ensuring you are comfortable and confident in your treatment at all times. 

Call (225) 766-2952 today to find out how we can help you manage and treat sciatica.