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Non-force adjusting

Non Force Adjusting

Chiropractor Baton Rouge treatment covers a wide range of treatments and techniques, and not all treatments work in the same way. Non force adjusting Baton Rouge chiropractic treatment is a gentle treatment that allows your chiropractor to realign parts of your body without using any force.

This is a highly effective method of reducing pain and bringing you to optimum health and wellness. Many conditions including sciatica, bulging discs, headaches, whiplash injuries, back pain, neck pain, and more can be treated with non force adjustments.

What is non force adjusting Baton Rouge?

For joint and spinal realignments, patients often need to move into different positions to allow the chiropractor to realign the particular area affected. The realignments are often quick and require a fair degree of force to be effective.

Non force adjustments are performed with many smaller realignments that do not require force to be effective. The difference is that the cumulative effect of these smaller motions is equal to the larger individual adjustments.

Many people find non force techniques to be more comfortable than other techniques, not just for the lesser force that is used, but also as difficult positions may not need to be achieved.

The non force adjusting Baton Rouge patients expect is provided at our office, and is a safe and natural technique that is completely non-invasive.

How does non force adjusting Baton Rouge work?

To perform a non force adjusting realignment, a special instrument may be used to complete the procedure. The instrument works by repetitively tapping the area to be adjusted with soft tips.

This is a pain-free procedure that slowly manipulates the areas requiring adjustment into the correct location. Joints that are out of line will suffer from reduce mobility and weakness.

By using repetitive taps, the joints will gradually move back into their optimum location, reducing pain and restoring strength and mobility.

These adjustments are just as effective as large motions and swift realignments and will reduce pain in just the same way – the issues the patient has been facing are related to the incorrect location of the joint, so resolving the problem with either technique will be effective.

The Office Providing the Non Force Adjusting Baton Rouge Needs

Requiring chiropractic treatment is common, but many people are hesitant to experience it due to the perception that chiropractors are “back crackers”. Non force chiropractic treatments provide effective results without the patient needing to be concerned that any motion is going to hurt or cause further issues.

We care for you and want to get you back to full health as soon as possible, and we’ll provide a comprehensive treatment plan that is tailored to your own needs. We provide swift treatment for all your problems and will put you at ease every step of the way.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Call (225) 766-2952 right now to find out more about how we can help you, and how non force adjusting can help with your issues.