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Sonnier Chiropractic Baton Rouge offers chiropractic services in both Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. With traditional and more modern chiropractic services we can assist with every aspect of your health and wellness.

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Massage Therapy

Baton Rouge massage therapy from Sonnier Chiropractic will provide pain relief, relaxation, and promote healing for patients who visit our office. We different kinds of massage to treat different conditions including back pain, neck pain, and the facilitation of recovery from whiplash injuries, sports injuries, and more.

We always establish the needs of our patients before commencing treatment, and we’ll create a treatment program that is tailored to your particular needs. This helps us to achieve the results every patient is looking for.

Deep Tissue Baton Rouge Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutically effective and efficient treatment widely used to cure severe aches and pains on the neck, back and legs, which helps to relieve and manage pain while simultaneously helping to restore movement and mobility.

Sports massage therapy in Baton Rouge

Sports massage therapy is a type of massage that will help you to rehabilitate from previous injuries and protect your body from further injuries. Mobility can be restored to injured muscles and other soft tissue.

By stretching, adjusting, and manipulating the joints and muscles, patients will become more flexible and less likely to suffer from further injuries caused by competing in sports or in other situations.

How Does Baton Rouge Massage Therapy Work?

Whatever style of Baton Rouge massage therapy is employed, individual areas of the body are targeted in turn to be worked on. Massage can be effective all the way from the top layer of skin down to where the muscles join to the skeleton, and massage will promote healing and rejuvenation.

This is because the working of the soft tissue stimulates blood flow (which brings accelerated healing) and relaxes the muscles, relieving tension and releasing spasms. This in turn causes a reduction in aches and pains, and can improve your posture which further reduces the potential for pain.

Are You Prepared for Baton Rouge Massage Therapy?

Even if you have never experienced Baton Rouge massage therapy before, we aim to make our patients comfortable and want you to have a positive experience. We’ll put your needs and goals first, and will work with you to help you to be pain free.

We will not perform massages over wounds, on infected skin, over bruises, or near any recent bone injuries. Doing so would potentially cause further issues, and it is our priority to heal rather than hinder.

Make sure to only eat lightly before your massage, and you’ll find that being well hydrated will allow us to work with your soft tissue more easily.

Baton Rouge Massage Therapy with Sonnier Chiropractic

Massage therapy is effective for healing and pain management and can simply be a relaxing experience. We evaluate all of our patients on an individual basis and will provide a unique treatment program that is designed with the individual in mind.

If you think you may benefit from massage therapy, or would simply like to know more about the services we provide, please call (225) 766-2952 today to find out how we can assist you.