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Back Pain

Back Pain

The back pain treatment Baton Rouge requires can be found at Sonnier Chiropractic. The majority of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point during their lives, and it can develop slowly or come on suddenly.

Back pain is the most commonly cited problem in workers’ compensation claims and is the top cause of disability in people aged 19-45. Back pain must be properly treated, and a full rehabilitation program completed before a patient is certain of being well again.

Causes of Back Pain Baton Rouge 

To effectively treat back pain the cause must be determined, and this has great variance between patients. Inflamed tissues, vertebral subluxations, spasming or weakened muscles, and trapped nerves are common culprits, but the reason for these conditions is not always the same. 

As more and more people spend the majority of their time in a seated position, poor postural habits are more common, as is a lack of exercise. All of these factors contribute to weakening the back and making back pain more likely to occur.  

Chiropractors work hard to identify the exact problems that cause back pain so that only the safest and most effective treatments can be used.  

Back Pain Treatment Baton Rouge 

Chiropractor Baton Rouge doctors have successfully treated back pain for over 100 years. By using natural and safe procedures, the efficient biomechanical action of the back can be restored to give relief from pain. 

Chiropractic spinal adjustment are noninvasive and gentle, realigning areas of the spine to their true and most effective location. This has been shown to reduce pain, increase the range of motion, and reduce the recurrence of old injuries. 

Spinal manipulation should be pursued in most cases before considering surgery. It is safer than surgery and does not require an extended recovery period. Similarly, pain relief through chiropractic adjustments does not carry the same side effects as pain relieving drugs. 

Reducing Back Pain in Baton Rouge 

Maintaining proper posture will help relieve and prevent back pain, so learning to use proper lifting techniques, avoiding repetitive motions, and avoiding prolonged sitting are all recommended. We provide advice on how to achieve this, as well as other therapies including massage, trigger point therapy, and acupressure therapy. 

Exercises and stretches may also be recommended to increase mobility, flexibility, and to strengthen the muscles in the back. Muscles that are less likely to fatigue during the day will help reduce back pain as when the muscles are weak the risk for injury is increased. You become less able to maintain proper posture throughout the day which can further heighten the risk of injury. 

Exercises and stretches can be performed away from the chiropractor’s office without the assistance of the doctor. Combined with physical therapies like hot and cold applications, muscle stimulation, and interferential therapy, we have the back pain treatment Baton Rouge is looking for.  

Find Back Pain Treatment in Baton Rouge 

We want to help you find relief from back pain as quickly as possible. Call (225) 766-2952 to arrange an appointment and let us help you to become pain free.